Significantly better water quality in RAS plants with Razone

Kevin Torben Stiller is a researcher at Nofima. Nofima report concludes: the Normex Razone ozone-based treatment system helps to achieve a significant water-quality improvement in RAS plants Researcher Kevin Torben Stiller and innovation coordinator Per Brunsvik conclude in a research report from the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima) that the Razone […]

Disinfection system for Salmon Evolution

Contract from one of Europe’s largest land-based fish farms During the autumn and winter, Normex will be delivering and commissioning a Normex Desinfecta system for the first construction stage of Salmon Evolution’s land-based fish farm at Indre Harøy in Hustadvika local authority in western Norway. This installation will be used by Salmon Evolution to disinfect tanks […]

Nordland Akva commits to even better water quality

Operations manager Per Egil Haugan at Nordland Akva. Normex secures contract for Razone plant to Nordland Akva Ålesund-based Normex is to deliver a Razone water treatment system to smolt producer Nordland Akva. Due for delivery this month, with subsequent commissioning, this unit will help to improve water quality in the first feeding department. Located at Åmøya […]

Improved water quality and growth

Mowi Steinsvik´ laboratory for water quality: “We monitor whether the fish are affected positively or negatively by the process, and if their appetite is good,” explains researcher Kevin Stiller at Nofima. Photo: Malin Hoem Storholt, Mowi Steinsvik. Water quality has improved with Razone, affirms Kjell Arne Sætre, operations manager at Mowi Steinsvik . “And we’ve […]

Seeking better water quality with RAS

The Razone water treatment solution developed by Ålesund-based Normex to provide improved water quality and fish health in recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) plants is now being tested at the Mowi Steinsvik smolt facility in Volda local authority. Being conducted in cooperation with scientists from the Nofima food research institute, this project will report its conclusions […]