Flexible, efficient and more environment-friendly solution

Oddvar Repstad, operations manager and Renate Hagerup Lyngstad, veterinarian, for Salmon Evolution’s land-based. Photo: Salmon Evolution.


Desinfecta disinfection system adopted at Salmon Evolution
“Internal ozone production and distribution of ozonised seawater allow us to disinfect the plant quickly at all times,“ says Oddvar Repstad, operations manager for Salmon Evolution’s land-based fish farm at Indre Harøy in Hustadvika local authority.

Salmon Evolution completed the first construction stage for this facility, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, during April 2023. This phase comprises 12 large tanks and two production lines.

Each tank with associated piping system is 5 200 cubic metres and holds 5 200 000 litres. The Desinfecta system is used to disinfect tanks and piping with ozone after the fish have moved to next tank or are ready for harvesting.


Growing well

At the time of writing, Salmon Evolution has introduced its seventh set of smolts to the farm, and reports a strong biological performance – in other words, the fish are growing well and moving to new clean tanks as they mature.

“The plant is performing very well overall, and we’ve had a good dialogue the whole time with Normex over its Desinfecta delivery,” reports Repstad. “It’s contributed during installation and start-up of the system, and been present and available.”


Self-sufficient for ozone

He says that the Desinfecta system allows Salmon Evolution to produce ozone on site and then distribute ozonised seawater to tanks and piping. “We find this solution to be flexible and efficient.”



Efficient process

The system is very suitable for land-based fish farms, having been in use over many years throughout the seafood industry, including on fishing vessels, well boats and service vessels as well as at onshore plants for processing fish and other food.

“We achieve good ozone values in the farm, and have already found that this is a highly effective disinfection method,” notes Repstad.


Secure solution

During a disinfection routine, the system cleans and disinfects tanks and closed piping. All processes are managed and monitored via the plant’s control system.

“We’re very pleased, given that this is a big facility with completely new solutions, where Normex has provided assistance when challenges have arisen,” concludes Repstad.


Sustainable production

Since its establishment in 2017, Salmon Evolution has concentrated on sustainable salmon farming through the application of innovative solutions. Flow-through technology with reuse allows the company to take clean, fresh water from off the coast to provide fish in the Indre Harøya plant with optimum conditions for growth and health.

Each tank is an enclosed biological zone, which makes it easier to clean and disinfect when the fish are moved through the farm.

Salmon Evolution places great emphasis on environment-friendly solutions which simultaneously ensure control of the production environment.