Disinfection system for Salmon Evolution

Contract from one of Europe’s largest land-based fish farms
During the autumn and winter, Normex will be delivering and commissioning a Normex Desinfecta system for the first construction stage of Salmon Evolution’s land-based fish farm at Indre Harøy in Hustadvika local authority in western Norway.

This installation will be used by Salmon Evolution to disinfect tanks and piping systems with ozone each time a new batch of fish is introduced to the farm.

The treatment requirement in the first construction stage covers 12 tanks with associated piping systems. Each tank with piping encompasses 5 200 cubic metres or 5 200 000 litres.


Salmon Evolution is placing great emphasis on environment-friendly solutions which also ensure control of the production environment.

Normex is one of a number of regional suppliers involved in the Indre Harøy development.

“We want to be a leader in developing land-based salmon farming,” explains Trond Valderhaug, chief commercial officer at Salmon Evolution. “So it’s gratifying to be able to utilise competitive local expertise, and it’s a strength to have a local expertise network and a strong Norwegian aquaculture cluster we can draw on for both development and operation.”

Trond Valderhaug, chief commercial officer at Salmon Evolution.


“We’re pleased and proud that we’ve become part of this project, and that we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Salmon Evolution and its turnkey contractor, Artec Aqua,” says Michael Vadseth, sales manager at Normex.

“Our solution will ensure good biosecurity in tanks and piping systems after fish have been removed and a new batch is to be introduced. We regard this as a declaration of confidence and a confirmation that our commitment to land-based aquaculture is yielding results.”

Michael Vadseth, sales manager at Normex.


Normex Desinfecta is used in several parts of the fish farming sector. In addition to land-based facilities, it can be found on fishing, well and service boats as well as in processing of fish and other food.

The system represents a very efficient method of cleaning and disinfecting tanks and closed piping systems, refrigerated seawater (RSW) facilities, machinery and equipment.

All processes in the disinfection routine are automated, and controlled and monitored via the plant control system. Data are logged during the routine to provide information on the status of the process.