Nordland Akva commits to even better water quality

Operations manager Per Egil Haugan at Nordland Akva.
Normex secures contract for Razone plant to Nordland Akva
Ålesund-based Normex is to deliver a Razone water treatment system to smolt producer Nordland Akva. Due for delivery this month, with subsequent commissioning, this unit will help to improve water quality in the first feeding department.

Located at Åmøya in Meløy local authority in northern Norway’s Nordland county, Nordland Akva is a subsidiary of aquaculture company Egil Kristoffersen & Sønner.


Nordland Akva’s ultra-modern smolt facility comprises five recirculation units which can run on salt water from the sea or fresh water from the Skarsvannet source immediately above the plant.

Operations manager Per Egil Haugan at the company reports that it emphasises secure water supplies at all times, and maintains a high level of intake-water treatment. It also gives great weight to recycling water so that a lot can be produced from a small source.

“All the large good sources are already in use, but recycling will allow us to help Norwegian aquaculture to expand as planned,” he says. “It’s the very important that the recirculated water maintains the best quality.”

Nordland Akva is located at Åmøya in northern Norway. Nordland Akva’s smolt facility can run on salt water from the sea or fresh water from the Skarsvannet source immediately above the plant.

Increased particles

This is where Normex’s Razone system comes in. One of biggest challenges faced when raising fish in recirculation plants is that the quantity of particles in the water can increase. These in turn may reduce water quality and thereby fish welfare, as well as causing sedimentation in piping and suction wells.

With Razone, water is treated in a sidestream through a two-stage process. Microparticles, microorganisms and micropollutants are removed to give optimal water quality and make it clearer, while improving fish health, biosecurity and fish welfare.

Haugan also emphasises the importance of controlling the addition of ozone to the facility. By injecting ozone in a sidestream via the Razone system, rather than the whole water stream, he sees benefits in terms of safety for both farm personnel and fish.


He says it can be a challenge to optimise water quality at an early stage (the first feeding department) in the smolt facility.

“We’ve had challenges with gill infections when first feeding starts, since there can be a lot of waste and particles in the water then. The Razone system removes the particles and helps to improve water quality.”


Sales manager Michael Vadseth at Normex sees big opportunities for Razone in both existing facilities which want to do something about water quality and all the new installations now being planned on a large scale for both smolts and grow-out fish.

“We’re very gratified at the opportunity to deliver our Razone system to Nordland Akva,” he says. “This is a go-ahead company which wants to make constant progress, and a facility which many people therefore visit.

“Given its reputation and location, it’s very favourably positioned as reference in a region where we see an exciting market for our solutions.”

Sales manager Michael Vadseth at Normex.

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