Process and drinking water

Normex deliver systems for disinfection and decolouring of drinking (potable) water.

The AquaClean™ process disinfects and removes colouration from drinking water. The system is intended to provide secure injection of ozone and a good water quality for consumers.

How the system works

Treatment systems for drinking water are complex, and several steps are required to produce hygienic water of good quality.

Comprising ozone systems, biofiltration and ultraviolet (UV), our process supplies clean and tasty drinking water without chemicals. AquaClean is delivered as a complete unit with control systems and water tanks.

Normex also deliver containerised solutions.


Clean water without the use of chemicals

  • Disinfection, approved barriers
  • Reduces total organic carbon (TOC)/dissolved organic carbon (DOC)
  • Reduces pharmaceutical residues
  • Removes colouration
  • Eliminates unwanted taste and colour
  • Oxidises inorganic materials, such as iron, magnesium and arsenic
  • Algae control

Areas of application

Treatment of drinking and process water in many different areas.