Odour – eliminating smells

Ozone removes molecules, bacteria and spores which create unpleasant odours.

Using ozone allows the Odour system to remove mould, fungi and bacterial growth in such locations as basements/cellars, processing areas, warehousing and seawater scrubbers.

How Odour works

Ozone is a very reactive molecule, which rapidly initiates a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with other particles in the air or on surfaces. This process changes the molecular structure so that odour is no longer given off.

In seawater scrubbers, ozone can oxidise pollution in the dirty gas flow and on the walls. Odour can also remove pollutants from the water and prevent mussels and microorganisms adhering to surfaces in scrubbers and piping systems.

Advantages of Odour

Removes smell and prevents organic growth

  • Documented effect on biological growth and microorganisms
  • Eliminates purchasing and handling of chemicals
  • Environment-friendly
  • Cost-effective

Areas of application

Odour can be used in many different areas where smells need to be eliminated.