Adoxpol is an environment-friendly, effective and compact system for treating waste water.

Adoxpol removes particles and fats from the outflow, in systems at fish farms, food processing and treatment plants in public infrastructures. 

The system eliminates handling and use of dangerous chemicals which might harm the environment. 

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How Adoxpol works

Our solution builds on a combination of water treatment methods, such as filtration, flotation and oxidation. This ensures that particles are separated out continuously. 

Microbubbles carry particles, fats and other pollutants to the surface. That creates a carpet of sludge which is scraped off and led to a sludge tank.

With an integrated sludge tank, the system is fully automated and compact. Adoxpol can handle a large flow of liquid with a relatively small volume and footprint.

Adoxpol can be delivered in several standard sizes, and in capacities from five to 100 cubic metres per hour.

Advantages of Adoxpol

Treats waste water effectively without chemicals

  • Effectively reduces suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and colour
  • Improves biological decomposition

Areas of application

Normal applications are the fishing industry and food processing industries, as well as treatment plants for public infrastructure .