Sustainable Ozone Solution for Hofseth Aqua

Normex has delivered a complete ozone system for disinfecting tanks, CO2-degasser, and associated piping systems to Hofseth Aqua in Tafjorden. The system is designed to handle all departments, including fry-, grow-up-, and post-smolt stages.

“Until now, we have only been able to wash the inner surfaces of the tanks. What we see as a challenge is cleaning everything inside the nooks, crannies, pipes, and recycling circuits. There could potentially contain biofilm and residues that can contribute to infection,” says Ole Magnus Melchior, Hatchery Manager at Hofseth Aqua.

He adds, “Using ozone will help clean these areas of the facility as well. If we were to do the same job with chemicals, it would not be sustainable, either economically or environmentally.”

Michael Vadset, Sales Manager at Normex, says they are pleased and proud that Hofseth Aqua has chosen the ozone system from Normex.

“With this delivery, we contribute to increased biosecurity and secure production at the facility here. We know that being able to deliver environmentally friendly solutions to the industry is important, and we are very proud to contribute to that,” says Michael Vadset at Normex.


Vadset explains the system’s functionality in broad terms:

“From the ozone room where the ozone is produced, we have installed distribution pipes to the various departments and to each tank, so that a common ozone injection skid can be used to connect to each fishtank that needs treatment,” he says.

“This makes it very easy for users and is an effective method for ensuring both biosecurity and production at the facility,” says Michael Vadset, Sales Manager at Normex.