Desinfecta cleans and disinfects tanks and closed piping systems, machinery and equipment.

The system is effective and environment-friendly. Desinfecta has been approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority as a disinfectant method in the aquaculture sector.

How Desinfecta works

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Injecting ozone in the water flow deactivates microorganisms and dissolves adherent materials and biofilms.  Microorganisms cannot develop resistance to ozone in the way they can to chemicals. 

Using ozone eliminates the need for chemicals to keep tanks, piping, surfaces and RSW systems clean. The system is flexible, and efficient routines make the process simple.

Ozone is produced on site as and when required, doing away with all the logistics involved in purchasing, storing and handling chemicals.

Advantages of Desinfecta

Extremely effective method for disinfection without chemicals

  • Treats concealed and inaccessible sources of infection
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible in use
  • Eliminates chemicals or environmentally harmful substances – high environmental profile
  • No harmful byproducts, only pure ozone
  • No build-up of resistance to ozone
  • Effective against bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses
  • Eliminates the purchase, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals

Areas of application

Desinfecta is used in several segments of the aquaculture industry, such as fishing boats, well boats, processing of fish and other food , hatcheries and land-based fish farms.