About us

We develop sustainable and innovative solutions for disinfection and water treatment in various industries.

Our environment-friendly technology gives clean water, increased fish welfare, enhanced biosecurity and disinfection without the use of chemicals.

Normex deliver complete solutions and participate in the whole process from design and engineering to start-up, user training and follow-up through services agreements.

Since 2003, we have delivered more than 300 installations to various companies in the aquaculture, maritime and land-based fishing industries worldwide.

Our overall goal is “making a clean difference”. We pay great attention to sustainable solutions, which meet with several of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Environment-friendly solutions with ozone

Ozone (03) plays a key role in all our solutions and products.

Formed from oxygen through an electric discharge, ozone (O3) provides a very powerful and effective oxidant which eliminates microorganisms and pathogens.

Ozone reacts with all oxidisable substances, is 50 per cent more powerful than chlorine and reacts about 3 200 faster in neutralising microorganisms. The latter cannot build resistance against ozone, which is also very effective in removing discolouration and making water clear.

No harmful byproducts are created. Once used, ozone reverts to its original form as oxygen.


Improved water quality


Disinfection without chemicals

Increased biosecurity

Reduced costs and increased profitability

Improved fish welfare