BioFoulControl eliminates and prevents biological growth in heat exchangers, piping systems and seawater intake pipes.

The build-up of organisms such as mussels and hydroids reduces efficiency in refrigeration plants. A clean plant reduces operating costs over time. BioFoulControl creates an environment which prevents mussels and other organisms from adhering to surfaces as they pass through the systems.

How the system works

BioFoulControl adds an appropriate amount of ozone to the intake pipes. The effective and patented injection system allows users to treat facilities with a very low ozone concentration. BioFoulControl treats water without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Advantages of BioFoulControl

Prevents biological growth without chemicals

  • Documented effect on biological growth and microorganisms
  • Ozone produced in situ
  • Eliminates purchasing and handling of chemicals – environment-friendly profile
  • Can be distributed in all water volumes
  • Cost-saving

Areas of application

BioFoul can be used in all piping systems where biological growth poses a problem.