Normex Desinfecta

The Normex DesinfectaTM system for disinfection and sanitising was originally developed for disinfection in the food industry. The system is approved by the Norwegian Medicine Agency for disinfection of live fish carriers and by the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities, Mattilsynet for disinfection in the seafood industry.

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Today Normex DesinfectaTM is used for disinfection of pipes and tanks on fishing vessels, hatchery, processing plant on shore and aquaculture in general.

Injecting ozone into water is a method of disinfection and cleaning that provides unparalleled results for the elimination of bacteria in water and wastewater. It also improves profitability and boosts environmental protection. With ozone there’s no need of chemicals to keep tanks, pipelines, gratings, surfaces and RSW systems clean. A correctly designed cleaning and disinfection plant is both rational in use, efficient and has low operating costs. Ozone can also be utilised in combination with other cleaning methods.



Food processing

The Normex DesinfectaTM solutions ensures excellent hygiene and water quality. It also prevents infection in the food processing industry. Our system safeguards hygiene and food safety in food processing plants. The system has many different applications and is used for surface sanitation and disinfection. Higher levels of ozonated water can be used in cleaning off equipment, conveyor belts and hooks to mention some. In addition to actually coming in contact with a food product. Ozone destroys pathogens by attacking and oxidizing the cell walls of the organism and the mucous membranes. It doesn't matter whether they are gram-positive or gram-negative.

Normex Biofoul Control

Normex developed the BioFoulControlTM system to prevent or remove biological growth in heat exchangers or in maritime seawater coolers and intakes. The system uses ozone as the main reactant and it is cost effective, user friendly and safe to handle. It’s also environmentally acceptable and flexible compared to other existing methods.